The best ports and waterfront cities around the world are open to you.
Below are a selection of some of our favourite destinations.

From your ship you will watch the many breathtaking sights of Alaska glide by. Maybe you’ll even glimpse a whale

Stretching across two continents, experience a symphony of cultures, and some of the world's most impressive scenery

Head as far south as you can go to the rugged, beautiful landscapes of the southernmost continent

Marvel at the awesome Northern Lights, majestic wildlife and the thunderous sound of cracking glaciers

Explore the crowded streets of India, soak in the atmosphere in Bali, discover Asia's wonders

Hobbits, koalas and didgeridoos … it’s worth the long haul Down Under

Awash with culture-rich streets, awe-inspiring architecture that spans the ages and fascinating history

More and more British cruisers are discovering that there is plenty to see on their own doorstep

Discover both the tourist hotspots and the secluded bays of The Canary Island, with its mild year-round climate

Beautiful beaches, balmy temperatures … no wonder the calypso islands are still a big draw for cruisers

These amazing islands may just make you see the world and the creatures on it a little differently

Garlanded with a flowery lei, here’s your chance to watch hula dancing, try surfing or invest in a really loud shirt

Enjoy a mix of cultures, geography and history in a beautiful climate in what has been called “the cradle of civilisation"

Jewels of history and nature mingle with the cosmopolitan metropolis creating a unique region

Head north from the UK for magnificent cities, tranquil fjords, unforgettable scenery and some lovely beaches.

There a more than a thousand fjords along the coast of Norway, offering astonishing views and unique attractions

Head to Central America and cruise the 82km of artificial waterway linking the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans

Experience the bustle of city markets and wind down on beautiful island beaches- this is a region of extremes

You can’t get much further off the beaten track than this. Few places on earth epitomise the idea of a tropical paradise more

Take the journey of a lifetime and experience the joys and wonders of the world in one epic trip